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Scarface Trivia - DID YOU KNOW...?

The first line in the film: "Okay, so what do you call yourself? ¿Como se llama?"

Tony and Manny worked at El Paraiso Cuban sandwich shop

El Paraiso was a club in Carlito's Way

The malted milks at El Paraiso cost 80¢

Tony and Manny were to pick up the buy-money at Hector's Bodega at noon Friday

The license plate of the Chevy convertible was C6N-357 (Florida, of course)

Tony et al. meet Hector "The Toad" in room #9 of the Sun Ray Motel (it was room #18 in the book)

Frank paid $550 for a bottle of 1964 Dom Perignon champagne

Elvira Hancock was from Baltimore, Maryland

Tony told Mama that he was working for an anti-Castro group, and the $1000 he offers her is from "political contributions"

Alejandro (Alex) Sosa's estate was in Cochabamba, Bolivia


The message on the blimp also appeared on top of a building in the original Scarface film

Tony asks Mel "how much?" There's an answer to that, too... the book says $25,000/month

Tony's bank is the Tri-American City Bank. His banker's name is Jerry

Some of Tony's "businesses": Montana Management Co. (9461 Bricknell Ave), Montana Travel Co., Montana Realty Co.

Gina's beauty salon was called, simply, "Gina's Beauty Salon"

GOOF? Nick calls Frank at 3:00 AM. How's it take at least 2¾ minutes for it to turn 3:02, when we see the clock change?

What time is it when Tony's in the jacuzzi? 6:55 pm

Tape One (VHS) ends with Tony in the jacuzzi screaming "Fuck jou man! Who put this thing together, me, that's who! Who do I trust, me!"

Tape Two (VHS) begins with the Seidelbaum bust (arrest for money laundering)

When was Tony meeting with Seidelbaum? The clock read 11:06, then 1:32

What day/time were they arrested by Seidelbaum? February 28, 1983, at 1:34PM EST

How much did Tony have to put up, as a bond, to get out of jail? $5,000,000

Who was at Sosa's estate for the meeting? Pedro Quinn (chairman, Andes Sugar Corp), General Edward Strasser (Comm. First Army Corps), Ariel Bleyer (Administry of Interior), Charles Goodson (Washington), Sosa, Tonny, Alberto, and other bodyguards

Alex' wife is 6 months pregnant

According to Manny, they are spending 12% of their adjusted gross on security, so Tony can "sleep good at night"

The "problem" man that Alberto was to "dispose of" (Gutierrez) was tailed from 5 Tudor City Place, midtown Manhattan, New York

Upon visiting 5 Tudor City Place myself, it is the real address. The U.N. is only a few blocks away, but not the way they drove!

Manny and Gina bought a home at 409 Citrus Drive, Coconut Grove

The International Corporation set up by Saddam Hussein to launder money from his various enterprises was called "Montana Management"


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