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These are questions that I get asked frequently:

What is that intro song/loop I'm hearing?

Well, it's just a loop, taken from the film. I don't know who wrote the piece or whether it's available anywhere. It's probably just part of the film score (although it is not on the soundtrack album).

You can download it for personal use if you right-click on this link and choose "save as" - but please don't use it on your own web site. Sorry, but a lot of work goes into creating Web content.

What's up with the DVD being out of print!

The original DVD release has been discontinued. The new Anniversary Edition DVDs were released Sep 30, 2003!

(Gift Set DVD)

(Widescreen DVD)

(Full Screen DVD)


If you see a "Scarface DVD" on ebay or other online auctions, or amazon marketplace, be sure it's the real DVD, not a VCD or asian bootleg. I've seen some sold as "DTS DVD" but I've never heard of Scarface released as DTS, so I doubt they're legit.


What's this about a sequel novel to Scarface?

The Return of SFWhile not the "official" sequel, THE RETURN OF SF became available in October, 2003! I've read it, and must say it is absolutely fabulous - you will not be disappointed!

It will be available to the general public around the 3rd week of October -- but the author, Dejohn, has extended a special offer for visitors of this web site!! Anyone who reads this can order the book now, and receive it two weeks before everyone else! This book is now shipping!

THE RETURN OF SF is the story of two brothers, Alejandro and Roberto. Join their wild journey from the streets of Cuba, to the excitement of Miami's nightlife. We follow them and their attempts to resist the drug world that doomed their father.

It is also about a major player coming back from the past. At first trying to live a normal life. But ultimately realizing that revenge is the only answer.

How many times is the word fuck said in Scarface?

Okay, I needed a definitive answer and I finally got around to it. No where on the www could I find a total I trusted. One site said 206, but I counted 218. I counted the other curses, too, with closed-captioning on. (I counted more than was in the subtitles). I don't know about the Blink 182 theory, that they got "182" fuck's from the film, but someone suggested that maybe it was the number of times Tony himself said it rather than everyone combined. Or maybe they took 218 and moved the 2 to the end to make 182?

218 "fucks" in a 170 minute movie!

Here's the breakdown:

Fuck: 218 (Fucking, 101; Fuck, 99; Fucked, 12; Fucker, 2; Motherfucker, 4)

Shit: 19
Bullshit: 4

Cocksucker: 7

Ass: 9
Asshole: 8

Son of a bitch: 5
Bitch: 1

Pussy: 4

Prick: 2

Bastard: 1

That's 278 total curses -- one every 36 seconds!

What's this about a Scarface 2 movie?

Yeah, I've heard it, too, but I can't seem to find any details about it. There are plenty of rumors ranging from a sequel about Tony's son (starring Cuban Link?!), to a prequel of young Tony himself. Keep an eye on the Scarface message forum for the latest.

Where can I get the Scarface soundtrack CD?

The soundtrack has been out-of-print in the U.S. for some time, but it's now readily available as an import! Buy it here: [ U.S. | UK ]

If the U.S. link shows it unavailable, you can still order it from the UK, even if you're in the U.S.

Where can I get a copy of the Scarface script, posters, etc?

You can get Scarface posters and photos at

You can find the Scarface script here.

For other collectibles, check out online auctions such as -- and movie memorabilia sites (search Yahoo).

You can get POSTERS and VIDEOS and DVDs and CDs Here:

Scarface Stuff For Sale!

Scarface: Anniversary Edition (Widescreen) DVD

Scarface: Anniversary Edition (Full Frame) DVD

Scarface: Deluxe Gift Box Set DVD
Includes Anniversary Edition (Widescreen) + Scarface (1932)


plus... posters like these!
Scarface Scarface Scarface Scarface


Can I post all of your pictures and sounds on my own homepage?

Uh, No. Believe it or not, someone did just that and called it their own Scarface page! Needless to say, he got so much Hell from me that he took the page down ;) Download all you want, but please do not post more than one or two sounds, and no more than one picture, on your own page. The idea of the Web is that we can link to other pages that have cool stuff on them, right? There's no need to steal stuff. If you use anything, please acknowledge your source and provide an appropriate link.

Can you send me such-and-such WAV/MP3 files?

Sorry, no - these are not available

Where can I get Scarface (the book)?

You probably won't find it new in a bookstore, but you can usually find used copies of Scarface (Paul Monette, 1983; Berkley Books, NY) at "book trader" stores or other used-book stores. There are at least two book-cover versions that I know of: One with a white cover and a drawing of Tony on it, and the other with a picture of Al Pacino from the film.

There is another book called Scarface by Armitage Trail first published in 1930. Obviously this has nothing to do with Tony Montana, although I do not understand why on earth they have a picture of Al Pacino's Tony Montana on the cover!

Scarface is a remake of a 1930's movie?

The original Scarface film starring Paul Muni in 1932 was about Al Capone (whose nickname was "Scarface"). The Al Pacino film isn't a sequel or remake, but a modern-day retelling of the story with different characters and events. Confusing, I know!

And no, Tony Montana was not a real person. It's a fictional story.


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